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Membership rules, applications and application information may be downloaded or printed from the following links. The Membership Application link includes the: Membership Application, Waiver and Release, and Membership Agreement. Read and print out the Range Operation and Safety Rules along with your application.

Range Operation and Safety Rules                                                                            2019 Trap Shooting Clinic

Application Information                                                                                               2017 Presidents Message

Membership Application                                                                                             Save The Dates 2019



Gun Safety is not just important, it is essential! You must read and acknowledge receipt, understanding and acceptance of the following rules in order to join or remain a member of the WYSSA. These are rules, not just suggestions. Violation may result in revocation of your membership.


  1. Range users shall be required to show proof of membership (membership card) upon request.
  2. Shooters and archers under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of an adult while on WYSSA property
  3. All members are responsible for safety and must take action to stop an unsafe situation.
  4. Trash containers are not allowed. All refuse, waste materials and garbage shall be packed out on a daily basis. IF YOU BRING IT IN, TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!! The only exceptions are any barrels or other containers provided for brass and/or shotgun hulls. THESE ARE NOT TRASH CANS FOR YOUR CARTRIDGE BOXES, WATER BOTTLES, USED TARGETS OR OTHER MATERIALS.
  5. All shooting must be done within the designated ranges (rifle/pistol, shotgun and archery). Do NOT use shotguns on the pistol range.
  7. If an animal appears on the range, all shooting MUST CEASE until the animal has left the shooting area.
  8. Only conventional target and hunting ammunition is allowed. NO TRACER, ARMOR PIERCING OR OTHER NON- CONVENTIONAL AMMUNITION.
  9. EXPLODING TARGETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Failure to abide by this rule will result in loss of membership privileges and could cause termination of our special use permit.
  10. Glass bottles, etc. are NOT to be used as targets.
  11. DO NOT USE FOOD ITEMS FOR TARGETS (pizza boxes, soda cans, peanut butter containers, etc.).
  12. Alcoholic beverages, including beer or wine are not allowed on the range
  13. Any non-shooting children under the age of 18 at the range must be under the immediate supervision of a parent or other responsible adult. THIS IS A SHOOTING RANGE, NOT A PLAYGROUND!
  14. Our range is located on USFS property. As such, it is subject to public use closure for reasons such as high fire danger.
  15. The range is open for use from sunrise to sunset based on published sunrise/sunset times for West Yellowstone, MT.
  17. No member is allowed to use the WYSSA Range for commercial activities without prior WYSSA board approval and oversight.


  1. Eye and ear protection is required.
  2. Shooting at objects other than designated targets is PROHIBITED.
  3. Safe gun handling will be observed at all times. Muzzles always pointed down range except when a firearm is in a rack. TREAT ALL FIREARMS AS LOADED.
  4. All firearms must be unloaded when not on the firing line. The only exceptions are handguns when properly holstered and secured.
  5. Place targets as close to the middle of target boards as possible. Do not shoot target frames.
  6. Any shooter may call for a cease fire in order to go down range to inspect, change or remove targets.
  7. When a cease fire is called:
    a. All shooters must stop and unload their firearms.
    b. Firearms will either be placed in a rack, holstered, or placed on the shooting table with the actions open and magazine removed.
    c. When the line is safe shooters may go down range.
    e. Firing may commence when all shooters have returned to the firing line (make sure!!).
  8. Armor piercing or tracer ammunition and exploding targets are strictly prohibited.
  9. No cans, glass or platic bottles or jugs can be used as targets.
  10. Firearms may not be handled behind the firing line.
  11. Targets must be removed from the frames when you are done shooting.
  12. Clean up brass, muzzleloading primers, etc., from shooting area when you are finished shooting.
  13. All targets, ammunition boxes, etc. must be taken with you when you leave. We don't have trash cans and it's unfair for others to have to take your garbage with them.


  1. All persons must be behind the firing line before shooting can begin.
  2. No nocked arrows or shooting from behind the firing line.
  3. Only target or field points may be used. ABSOLUTELY NO BROADHEADS OR FIREARMS!
  4. Arrows must only be aimed and released at target butts and 3D targets.
  5. All archers must finish shooting and a cease fire must be called before anyone can go down range to retrieve arrows.
  6. Bows are to be hung from the provided rack except when the archer is on the firing line.
  7. When pulling arrows out of the target butt, stand to one side and make sure no one is directly behind you.
  8. Archers on the range must make sure everyone is back from down range before shooting can start.


Additional rules which apply to shooters on the trap range:

  1. Eye and ear protection are required.
  2. Only target or light field loads may be used on the trap range. Maximum shot size is 7 1/2.
  3. Action of gun is to remain open except when it is your turn to shoot. Double barrel and over/under guns may have the action closed while in the rack.
  4. Shotgun must not be loaded until you are in shooting position AND it is your turn to shoot. Chambers must be empty when changing stations.
  5. Shooters must remain at their station until everyone has fired their last round and the command to change stations is given.
  6. Shotgun must be pointed down range when loaded.
  7. Load no more than one (1) shell for trap singles. Load no more than two (2) shells for trap doubles.
  8. In case of a gun malfunction the shotgun must be pointed down range until cleared.
  9. No hulls are to be picked up during a trap round.
  10. Do not walk in front of the trap house while the release mechanism is in the hands of the puller.
  11. No one is permitted in the trap house without permission of the member in charge of the shoot.
  12. In any instance not covered by established safety rules, the decision of the individual in charge of the shoot will be final. If in doubt, ASK!

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